Growing up a passionate skateboarder and snowboarder, I've always been inspired by the style, fashion, and culture surrounding these activities. I want to use this inspiration to create quality, stylish hats, and embellish them with designs that everybody can enjoy. With this mindset, the idea of Everybody Headwear started in early 2020.

Since thinking of this idea, the world has really flipped upside down. A global pandemic, violent acts of racial injustice, humanitarian crises, etc. In light of everything that has happened, I realized I can use this platform for good. Everybody Headwear really means hats for everybody. Every race, every gender, every sexuality, every religion, every disability. Everybody is welcomed and encouraged to wear these hats. So buy some hats. Or don't! But whatever you do, don't hate people. Be nice. Love and respect everybody.

Thank you for the support,